Trend in Using Mobile App for Health Insurance Blockchain

With the Mobile App that manages health insurance records, users can buy and sell health insurance on the phone, store safety records without risk of being attacked by hackers.

The digitization of health insurance data makes it convenient to look up information and reduce costs greatly compared to the traditional record-keeping process. However, the risk often faced by any technology is the situation that hackers are becoming more sophisticated.

Around the world, there are many hackers attacking the health insurance data system used by health insurance agents and brokers, then taking away large amounts of customer data.
According to a report from security firm Trend Micro, cybercrime has attacked many health organizations around the world, with more than 113 million data records stolen in the US alone in 2015. Number of pools Stolen electronic medical records (EHR – Electronic Health Record) have also reached 14 million in 2016.

EHR data is very interested because it contains medical, insurance data as well as the patient’s financial information. Cybercriminals can analyze this data and sell it separately or in aggregate form. Some services that hackers can take advantage of from the EHR include claiming medical benefits, illegally filing tax returns, creating fake birth certificates, or even extorting patients. According to a Reuters report, EHR is 10 times higher than credit card information on the black market …

In Vietnam, in recent years, medical examination and treatment facilities in Vietnam have started using electronic health records management system – EHR to serve the health monitoring and treatment for patients. mine. According to the Ministry of Health’s roadmap, by 2019 every citizen will have an electronic health record.

EHR electronic health records systems are the most reliable source of patient health information. However, if the electronic health record is not updated properly, the patient suffers from physical, mental and financial damage.

Before this fact, many technology initiatives were born to prevent risks for organizations and medical examination facilities as well as individual customers. One of the typical solutions can be mentioned as a solution to manage insurance records using Blockchain technology.

With this Mobile App, all insurance information will be managed on a ledger, everyone can view information and information managed in a distributed form, on multiple servers instead of concentrating set at a server. Thus, the insurance information is stored safely without risk of being attacked by hackers.

The engineers use Hyperledger Fabric as a platform to develop Blockchain technology to store electronic insurance sales records and detailed information about requirements as well as create smart contracts to confirm information. request of the beneficiary. Mobile App manages health insurance records with blockchain applied beneficial to claimants and insurance companies in making and handling health insurance claims.



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