Effective Management Solutions For Transport Businesses

FPT Software has been developing and improving Smart Fleet with the goal of creating a system that can serve almost transportation companies at a reasonable price and the ability to easily configure based on their needs.

Smart Fleet is an innovative solution based on IoV Cloud Platform architecture to solve the problem of managing a massive number of cars (or fleets) in an effective manner, in order to optimize business process of transport companies as well as minimize risk in each trip.

Why Smart Fleet?

For the traditional transport companies – especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, trips management is mainly performed by human, rarely is it done by software. For these companies, a dedicated call center is a must in order to give on-trip support for drivers. This is a big resource cost for the companies in terms of employee heads count, and it also does not optimize company’s performance, since all management and truck assigning tasks are all up to the judgment of the call agent. Furthermore, this team will encounter difficulties when truck drivers need immediate support. Normally it will take a lot of time for the call agent to relay information and respond instantly due to its manual process. For example, a driver will contact to the call center when their truck has an accident, but the agent usually spends much time just to contact to the insurance company. If the contact and response time is not reasonable, by the time the insurance representative arrives on the scene, the appropriate information that they need to collect would no longer be accurate. This delay greatly affects the investigation result and insurance claim for the transport company.

The big transportation companies in the world, such as FedEx, UPS, etc., they already had their own fleet management system, which are optimized based on their operation infrastructure. They definitely have to invest in a lot of money in infrastructure, software, human resources, etc. to ensure a stable system.

Functions of Smart Fleet system

The core of Fleet Management system is the vehicle and trip management functions. Smart Fleet has all the functions related to fleet management such as: vehicle management by group or by maintenance status, cost management for each trip (station cost, toll cost, fuel cost, etc.).The smarter the fleet management system is, the less enterprises and companies has to pay for each trip. As of now, Smart Fleet has already had functions such as automatically recommend routes, trip schedule and suggest the most suitable vehicle for the trip.

Smart Fleet system not only caters to call center agents and mangers, but it is also a reliable travel companion for every driver. All necessary information of each trip are delivered to the driver through the built-in mobile app. At 30 minutes to 1 hour before driving, the Smart Fleet application will automatically remind the driver of the trip schedule, which ensures departure time.

Besides, Smart Fleet also considers trip safety as the top priority. Using the OBD-II devices installed into each vehicle, Smart Fleet will be able to collect important information of the vehicle in real time to ensure the trip is always on schedule and as safe as possible. With the data retrieved from the OBD-II devices, drivers will receive immediate warnings of vehicle status, such as damage, fuel outage, driving over the speed limit, etc. The information from OBD-II devices also help call agents, managers and insurance companies collect related information fully and accurately when an accident happens. Smart Fleet application also actively monitors the driving time of driver, and will remind them to take a rest in case that they have been driving for an extended period of time.

Smart Fleet system also has other functionalities such as financial report, fuel consumption report, total distance report, driver contract management, control information sent from OBD-II devices, etc. In the future, Smart Fleet system will be able to collect other data such as traffic information, built-in monitoring camera, etc. in order to make it smarter and more effective.

Smart Fleet Opportunities in the global market

Fleet Management solutions have been popular around the world and used widely in America and EU. Many solutions have solved almost problems that transportation companies faced to. So, what opportunities for a new (and still in development process) solution like Smart Fleet?

Firstly, current Fleet Management solutions have a very high cost. This has become a barrier for small and medium logistic companies to approach these solutions. Overall, in addition to solutions that uniquely matched to large logistics companies, there is a room for solutions that meet the needs of small and medium enterprises at reasonable price. It means that we all have the opportunity when Smart Fleet is officially launch.

With Smart Fleet, the team is very confident of its inter-connectivity capability with other services that are (and will be) developed on IoV Cloud Platform. Imagine that beside Fleet Management’s necessary services, user is able to be provided with the ability to access advertisement content, media content such as Videos on demand. And even companies using Smart Fleet are allowed to connect to their potential clients that currently have logistics needs, third party companies such as insurance or tourism, … With these potential aspects, we can see that the profitability from using Smart Fleet solution will multiply exponentially just because transportation companies are not only applying Smart Fleet solutions, but also an ecosystem of other related products.

The value of Smart Fleet

With the goal to popularize Fleet Management service as mentioned above, development team believes that Smart Fleet solution will be a common product that will be used by small and medium transportation companies, contributing to the development of this industry. On the other hand, Smart Fleet will be a premise for the development of other services on IoV Cloud Platform.

Direction for Smart Fleet

Once the product completely meets the needs of all logistics companies, Smart Fleet will be improved with the functionality of smart trip advice, trip management based on traffic data, modelling all data collected to predict accidents and damages, … Furthermore, user experience of available functions will be enhanced serve for a diverse needs of companies with different operation structure.

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