FPT EagleEye MDR – Security Information Solution For Digital Transformation

FPT EagleEye MDR is an information security monitoring solution for businesses researched and built by FPT Information System Corporation (FPT IS). The product is honored to receive the title of Information Security Service typical in 2018.

Information security is a problem set in the era of digital era. With the increasingly sophisticated development of malicious code, the network security situation is likened to a war without end.

According to the results of the network security assessment program implemented by Bkav Technology Group in 12/2018, up to 60% of the network of agencies and enterprises are infected with malicious code digging virtual money; more than 1,6 million computers in Vietnam lost data in 2018; more than 15,700 security holes in the software. It is estimated that the damage caused by computer viruses to Vietnamese users has reached a record of 14,900 billion VND, equivalent to $ 642 million, 21% more than the damage of 2017.

Acting as a core element for every successful digital transformation process, to ensure information security businesses need to proactively equip themselves with “weapons” to prevent more and more
attacks and risks from hackers.

FPT EagleEye MDR service is researched and built by experts of FIS, helping businesses monitor information security 24/7; Support detection, warning, investigation and troubleshooting immediately. When using this service package, businesses do not need to maintain resources to monitor information security while ensuring the system is highly secure.

FPT EagleEye MDR is a combination of commercial and open source technology solutions, together with the expertise of experts in analyzing malware, security weaknesses; Integrated technology AI, Machine Learning, Big Data in finding and handling information insecurity threats

Besides, when applying FPT EagleEye MDR service, enterprises will save the maximum investment costs and equip security systems and monitoring infrastructure. Simple registration procedures, fast deployment time, integration with existing models at the enterprise; The entire service process system is built according to ITIL standards and customized to the specific conditions of the customer.

FPT EagleEye MDR is built on the basis of collecting and analyzing security information and events of all network systems (switches, routers, security devices, servers, applications ). A receiver receiving alerts at the customer site will collect and send to the centralized monitoring system located at the Monitoring Center. Connection between centralized collection and monitoring component is carried out through connection of private channel, ensuring safety.

Currently, FPT EagleEye MDPR is being offered in a number of large enterprises in Vietnam. This shos the effectiveness and reliability of the service when it has successfully detected and handled many targeted network attacks and customer systems.

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