FPT Digital Joins in Digital Transformation of Vietnam’s Aquaculture Industry

Continuing a series of DX consulting successes, FPT Digital joins in the consulting of a leading aquaculture company in Vietnam to promote the disruptive growth of Vietnam’s shrimp industry in the digital age.

Opportunities and challenges for shrimp industry in Vietnam

Aquaculture is the fastest growing food industry in the world. Seafood suppliers around the world and specifically in Vietnam, still have many development opportunities before the perpetually rising global demands for seafood is met. The shrimp industry in Vietnam in particularly is on the trajectory for exponential growth.

With geographical advantages as well as support from government policies, shrimps have become a major export for Vietnamese agriculture. The country is ranked third in global shrimp export and Vietnamese shrimp product is making its way into international markets including the US, Japan, Europe…with even more opportunities waiting when Vietnam joins international trade groups such as CPTPP and FTA.

However, problems such as shrimp hatchery quality assurance, disease management, high production cost as well as sub-par infrastructure and workforce…are some of the many challenges facing Vietnamese companies.

In this context, one of Vietnam’s leading shrimp companies have acknowledged that in order to maintain their market leading position, their operations and internal culture demands a revolutionary change. The partnership with FPT Digital (FDX) to look for digital solutions of persisting problems has been evaluated by the company’s leaders to be the key to driving Vietnam’s shrimp industry into the future.

FDX meets with representatives from the client’s farming and production facilities

Collaboration with FPT Digital

The partnership between two parties began with a week-long assessment field trip by FDX to the client’s various farming and production facilities along the Mekong Delta region. Applying the FPT Digital Kaizen Method, representatives from FDX met with the company’s BOD to identify their vision and DX goals as well as to evaluate the digital readiness of their workforce, infrastructure and systems.

At this initial stage, common pain points across these facilities identified by FDX include: overly manual processes operated by employees with limited capabilities and a lack of smart resource management planning…To address these issues as well as to promote disruptive changes for the client, FDX leveraged FPT Digital Kaizen and has already begun to develop a portfolio of suitable digital initiatives as well as a implementation roadmap for the client’s DX journey.

FDX’s proposed initiatives are based on FPT’s 30 years of implementing high tech projects as well as on global best practices in the industry such as: the 90% automated seafood factory in China or the Hyperspectral camera sensors applied in factories in Austria…

Future vision for Vietnamese shrimps

The board of directors candidly shared their DX ambitions with FDX during their meetings. Some of their urgent wishes include: operation automation to heavily cut down on workforce requirement or to become the number one shrimp hatchery in Vietnam by leveraging digital innovations.

Meeting between FDX representatives and the client’s high level leadership

On the other hand, FDX representative Mr. Tran Huy Bao Giang – Director of FPT Digital, highly regarded the company’s Digital leadership capability. In order to achieve Digital Mastery and successfully digital transform, Mr. Giang explained that companies should focus on developing two core aspects: Digital capabilities and Digital leadership capability. According to his assessments, the strong vision from the client’s BOD as well as their understanding of the value of DX have demonstrated their Digital leadership capabilities. The partnership with FDX will help the company better invest and implement digital solutions, thus quickly raising their digital capability to reap the benefits of digital transformation.

The Government of Vietnam aims to turn the country into a global leading seafood exporter which is set out in the country’s aquaculture development strategy plan for 2020. Under this plan, the seafood industry is expected to contribute 30-35 per cent to the country’s agro-forestry-fisheries GDP, with shrimp exports alone contributing 4 billion USD. Digital transformation, as navigated by FPT Digital, will be the catalyst to enable this leading Vietnamese shrimp supplier to make a significant contribution towards this goal.

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