Enhancing Passengers’ Experience On Planes With AR Solution

As margins continue to shrink in this high-fixed cost industry, airlines, aircraft manufacture must constantly look for innovative ways to improve the passenger experience. So, building strategies that improve the passenger experience is one sure-fire way in century of industry 4.0.

One of the world’s biggest Aircraft Manufacturer is implementing digital transformation to enhance the passenger experience. In which, the passenger can easily know which famous place and its photos they’re flight over via smart phone camera. All interested points will be visualized in AR.

The AR solution.

Let’s imagine that, you found a very famous mountain or a point of interest via the windows of the airplane but cannot find any information of it. On the other hands, how you can catch this moment and share some photos to your friends. Start from the idea of famous game “Pokemon GO”, the Application display all POIs in passenger’s smart phone camera by AR. Actually, it’s a kind of Location-Based Augmented Reality. So, how it works?

An interactive display technique for digital data that overlays digitized information on physical places or objects, AR when combined with the location awareness capabilities of a cellular device is called Location-Based Augmented Reality.

Augmented reality is the culmination of several highly complex technologies such as image processing, networking, image recognition and even audio mixing. Conventional AR development is a combination of these techniques with various processing algorithms and programs implementing those algorithms to produce applications which superimpose pre-installed information onto electronic display screens.

Taking it a step further, the amalgamation of conventional AR development with GPS systems and geospatial data techniques, along with location sensors such as gyroscopes, digital compasses, and accelerometers.

Applications which are developed utilizing this cutting edge technology allow the dual feature of recognizing as well as retrieving the location of a cellular device along with supplementing freshly acquired data along with the pre-installed info to deliver a smooth functioning system.

How to filter POI’s photos

 The Application must get all most beautiful landmark photos of all POIs. Of course, the passengers want to view, share thier points of interest photos got in it. The bigest challange is, how we can filter all POI’s photos and remove the photo which have people, adult picture, fighting,18+ picture inside.

Based on OpenCV and the AI solution of Microsoft – Azure Cognitive Face API, experts was found 2-layers filter images solution.

The first layers, all photos got in the internet will be checked via a OpenCV module. It is then used to detect objects in other images.) to detect all face in the photo. If there’s any faces, it will be removed in the list.

In the last layer, filtered photo will be check by Cognitive Face API – the Microsoft Oxford project, one of the best AI Face API. Actually, it’s simply upload the photo and call Face API, the returned result will be like this:

It’s really amazing, Microsoft API was analyzed the photo, return the adult %, type of image (category) and the face list also. Based on the result, top 10 best landscape photos will be picked for passenger.

Finally, with AR and AI technology, instead of boring flight, passenger will improve much of thier experience by playing with the funny POIs in app.

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