eMobiz: Professional Distribution Management System

eMobiz is FPT’s solution of sales management system on handheld devices (eMobiz Sales), the only product rated 5 stars out of 70 software products and information technology services awarded in the season Sao Khue 12th (2014).

eMobiz is a platform developed by FPT to serve sales management. This is the solution that can be applied to large distribution companies to manage thousands of stores and track sales staff KPIs. The main features of the platform including the customer management functionality that helps salespeople track existing customers and reach new customers, inventory management functions that help salesmen monitor your work performance.

Currently, eMobiz has deployed for about 13,000 salespeople, more than 1,000 distribution companies nationwide, 20 leading consumer goods manufacturing companies in 9 service countries in Southeast Asia. It is possible to name some customers using eMobiz such as Unilever, Suntory PepsiCo, Ajinomoto, Kinh Do, Trung Nguyen, Hau Giang Pharmacy, BP Castrol …

Main characteristics

For senior managers, they can track KPIs on both web and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets via eMobiz DashBoard – Sales Dashboard.

For junior managers there will be more options:

eMobiz Maps: Monitoring sales and team management to monitor and monitor daily sales ranges

eMobiz Work-with: Planning training and monitoring Mobility Sales Training Tool Kit (documents, presentations, checklist …)

eMobiz Insight: The system reports support sales activities for mobile devices.

For salesmen, they will use the eMobiz Sales feature – manage orders, inventory and promotions.

eMobiz has been deployed for the largest distribution companies in Vietnam and Southeast Asia along with AMS services. eMobiz can be deployed in both private and public cloud to be present in all fields, from production, retail to logistics.


The solution helps over 100 distribution companies which is almost the largest ones in the area to boost their sales and manage KPIs as well as customer growth effectively. The customer’s number of stores ranges from few hundred to thousands.

Over than that, it also helps make decisions much easier for the supervisors with our visual analytics dashboard.

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